Viking Discs Challenger Disc Golf Bundle

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Viking Discs Challenger Disc Golf Bundle is for the avid disc golf enthusiast! The bundle includes everything a hobbyist needs:

  • 1x Viking Discs Battle Basket Pro
  • 1x Viking Discs Starter Set (8 Disc Bundle)
  • 1x Viking Discs Rucksack Light

Viking Discs Battle Basket Pro

Viking Discs Battle Basket Pro takes light disc golf practice baskets to a new level! In this basket you will find a familiar top collar and a stylish finish from more expensive baskets at a competitive price. The lightweight construction ensures that the basket is easy to move and quick to stack and unload. Place the basket in the backyard, cottage or park and practice your putting at any time!

Not recommended for use in winter/snowy conditions.

Product information:

  • Height: 130cm
  • Top collar height: 5cm
  • Diameter of the upper collar: 54cm
  • The width of the lower basket: 63.7 cm
  • Stand diameter: 53cm
  • Body material: Iron (powder coated)
  • Center tube thickness: 3.8 cm

Viking Discs Starter Set (8 Disc Bundle)

This Starter Set is designed especially with beginners in mind but it will also suit the more advanced players who want to perfect their game as well! This set features our newest disc as well: Odin in Storm -plastic!

This 8 pc set includes following discs:

  • Viking Discs GROUND RUNE X 2
  • Viking Discs GROUND AXE
  • Viking Discs GROUND COSMOS
  • Viking Discs GROUND RAGNAROK
  • Viking Discs STORM RUNE
  • Viking Discs STORM ODIN

Disclaimer: the weights of the discs may vary

Viking Discs Rucksack Light

The Viking Discs Rucksack Light is the perfect choice for your first disc golf bag. You can fit at least 15 discs in this backpack and there is also a pocket at the top of the backpack that you can use, for example, as a putter pocket. On one side of the backpack there is a separate pocket for the bottle and on the other side a pocket with velcro for the accompanying goods.

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Viking Discs Challenger Disc Golf Bundle