Viking Discs Rucksack Pro Black/Lime

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The popular Viking Discs Rucksack Pro now available in a brand new colour! This disc golf backpack can easily hold up to 20+ frisbee golf discs. The main disc pocket in the front can comfortably hold 15 discs and the putter pocket on top of the backpack can fit up to four putters. In addition to these pockets, you'll find two zippered pockets on both sides, two zippered pockets on the top and a mesh storage pocket on the front. The sides also have dedicated pockets for water bottles.

The Rucksack Pro Frisbee Golf Backpack is a great solution for carrying your discs during a round of play, keeping your discs organized and allowing you to grab the one you want quickly. The backpack fits snugly on your back and the padded shoulder straps provide comfort. It's also spacious enough to carry snacks and other accessories, so you won't lose your keys, phone or other valuables during a round of play.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Length: 37cm
  • Height: 41cm
  • Width: 22cm
  • Weight: 1,67kg
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Viking Discs Rucksack Pro Black/Lime